A History

In 1933, the Land Commission established a number of farms in the Riverstown area of Co. Meath. These were to form the new farming community that has since become identified with Riverstown. Memories take us to various spots surrounded by places and names that have been there forever - Duleek, Ardcath, Garristown, Hawkenstown, Cushenstown, Kilmoon, Crossmacole, Rathfeigh, Athcarne, etc. etc. etc. It is hoped that a History of each place can be developed through stories, photos, family names, etc. If you can help or wish to comment, please use the e-Mail below.

1903 - 1961 - 2003  A tribute to a very special father

1906 - 1989 - 2006 A tribute to a very special mother

What a debt of gratitude we owe to parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. as we look back to family, relatives and friends who were part of our upbringing. Photos and comments would be great as we pursue a simple history of the townland and the people who came with hopes and dreams. If you have a story, photo, etc. to send, please check with the family so that we can tell our story together.

Mrs. Byrne (at right) is one of the original residents in Riverstown.  She shared fond memories of the beginnings of this beautiful community.  At left, three generatons of the Lenehan family.

At right is the Wall family of Hawkenstown - the parents of Christo, mentioned in the Castle page. Christo (a new farmer in Riverstown) is at the top left; Annie (Mrs. Lynch who taught at least two generations in Cushenstown school) is in the middle, and Willie (stone mason) is at the top right.Most of the houses built in Riverstown the 30's were the same design - practical and conducive to families coming together in the evening for the family meal, chat around the fireplace, children at play, the rosary, and the odd "hooley" when a neighbor or relative arrived toting an accordion or fiddle. Towards evening, in the Autumn and Winter, after the cows were milked and fed, we would gather around the radio and "Take the Floor" with Dinjo. Other great favorites were "The Foley Family" and "The School Around the Corner" with Paddy Crosbie. The home below is the Wall residence with a very "pensive" Laddie at the gate, perhaps wondering why there is such an increase in traffic on this very quiet road.  Perhaps tonight there will be a ceili in Cudden's - ceol rince agus craic - and the young ones will sit and listen in awe as "Mammies and Daddies" tell stories, recite poems, dance and sing.  Listen now to the beauty of "Blind Mary" from the famous Meath harpist, Turlough O'Carolan.  You can also enjoy the rest of his music on Lesley's amazing website.  (Sequencing by Barry Taylor)


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