Riverstown, Rathfeigh, Tara, Co. Meath

Thank you Dick Farrelly from Kells for the beautiful"Isle of Innisfree" background music which has meant so much to all who have emigrated from Ireland.  Visit Dick's son's website and enjoy the full story of this great songwriter and musician from Co. Meath.

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This website is dedicated to the special people who helped create a unique community called Riverstown - a gentle, nurturing place in Co. Meath where families came together in the 1930s to build fences and dreams, to plant trees and seeds of hope, and to begin a generation that will always remember the power and simplicity of its roots. The project begins with the hope that some who will visit will contribute stories, history, photos, comments, etc. Once visited, please return and refresh your memories and add detail by e-mailing comments, questions, photographs and stories.