This page will soon be filled with nostalgia.   Please email special memories of characters, friends, schooldays, farming, threshing, churning, thinning turnips, picking strawberries, swimming, etc. etc. etc.

Fergus Gallagher - pro golfer in Ireland and Canada and a great one to have on your foursome!

The famous Barney Waters - source of many a great story.  Who can identify the young men with him?

Jack Wall - gravedigger, storyteller and connoisseur of good pints.  Do you have a story about Jack?

Joe Moss-great friend and neighbour- at work thatching Sir Richard Musgrave's cottage.   We passed Joe's home on the way to the castle and Hurley River.





ORCADES of 1948, first of the post-WWII liners, cut the sailing time from England to Australia from 36 to 26 days. She also made the first Orient Line sailing via the Panama Canal in 1955.  Photo under Sydney Harbour bridge

At 16, Brendan Wall was one of the youngest graduates from Marconi (Dublin).  He left Riverstown in '56 to sail for Australia aboard the Orcades

Tommy Crilly and his Dad, Jem, feeing the piglets in the half tire - an invention of Tommy's!

A hole-in-one story: Brendan thought I looked so much like grandfather that I suggested he would give us a sign if he was around.  He stepped up to the 16th tee at Mill Run and got a hole-in-one - same hole that I had mine on three years earlier!



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