The Pubs

Centres of celebration, lamentation, music, laughter, sorrow, chat and craic - where would this community be without its pubs?  Will it be the Beck's tonight? Or maybe the Box?  Curragha, O'Neill's, Bennett's or maybe even Big Tom's?  No matter what the venue, serious discussion will soon take place and worries about weather, football, the state of the country, etc. will shortly fade in the glow of a fine pint or a small one.  Old friends and acquaintances meet and a genuine, instant comraderie that is good for the soul is obvious to the stranger who happens on this natural celebration of the joys and sorrows of the week gone by.  If Meath have played recently, there will be replay tonight and God help the ref if things went badly for the "lads".  The Sam Maguire has graced these pubs on many occasions and the joy of past victories is relived as the "Sam" is passed around.

Stories, photos, memories, would be most welcome as we develop this page - a tribute to the many great characters who have come and gone. 


Here are two big supporters, Kevin and Maureen - home for the big game in '67 - happy to be able to hold the Sam and return to England with tales of mighty football and great craic!





Pete Dowling - storyteller, fiddler and good friend.  Is that Nicky peeking out and enjoying the craic when he should have been doing his homework?





The Thursday night session at Tommy and Kathleen's pub (Dowling's)  is second to none with fiddlers, flutes, accordians, bodhrans, tim whistles, etc.  Thank you for the music!




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