The Villages

"How often have I loiter'd o'er thy green, Where humble happiness endear'd each scene!
How often have I paused on every charm,  The shelter'd cot, the cultivated farm,
The never-failing brook, the busy mill, The decent church that topp'd the neighbouring hill;
The hawthorn bush, with seats beneath the shade, For talking age and whisp'ring lovers made!
How often have I bless'd the coming day, When toil, remitting, lent its turn to play,
And all the village train, from labour free, Led up their sports beneath the spreading tree!
While many a pastime circled in the shade, The young contending as the old survey'd." (Goldsmith)

Rathfeigh, Duleek, Ardcath, Hammondtown, Painstown, Clonalvey, Garristown, etc.,etc - here is an opportunity for someone presently living in the area to develop and add to the history of the villages. I have recently seen a History of Ardcath by Martin Burke. If anyone knows of Martin and how I could contact him, please e-mail. I would like to use some of his information on this website.

A few football photos from Duleek

Here are the Ardcath 8-hand reel, the 16-hand reel and the Tug o' War teams.  A few are identified (Mary Marmion, Tommy Cox, Katty Dunne, Eileen Moss?) - please E-Mail if you know any of the rest.  Click on the thumbnail photo to see enlargement.

Here is a photo of the Ardcath football team (c.1927).  We would like to identify all of the members.  A few are identified ((Phil Caffrey, Christo Wall, Pat Cromwell).  Please send an email if you know the ones not identified.  Click to enlarge.

Below is another Ardcath football team with some new players.  The list at the right is an old one.  Is it correct?  Can you identify the players not named?

Many of the photos on this website are of the author's family.  It would be great to receive some more stories and/or photos from anyone associated with Riverstown or the surrounding area - to add to the collection.  If you recognise someone on these pages it would be great to hear from you!


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